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As a leading supplier of dryer repair solutions to the Oak Lawn IL area, we have a strong reputation to uphold. We don't take that lightly, either. Our Oak Lawn dryer repair firm has operated for many years, giving the area a dependable solution whenever a dryer repair is needed. Our team of dedicated appliance repair professionals are always available to help you.

Don't worry, we won't be held back by any dryer problem. We have seen just about every issue possible, from power failing, to breaker tripping, and even control boards being destroyed from flood damage. It's never a black and white scenario; being highly efficient in the diagnosis phase is what makes us the most reliable and affordable choice whenever in need of a dryer repair in Oak Lawn IL.

Every dryer repair starts with the diagnosis phase. This is where we identify the defective or damaged dryer parts, which is done by one of our repair techs in the comfort of your Oak Lawn IL home. We then provide you with an estimate on paper and you can decide whether the repair makes financial sense. This estimate will be created by factoring the cost of replacement parts and labor. The replacement dryer parts that need to be replaced will be estimated by the values written in the Major Appliance Service National Price Guide.

Those that need a dryer repair in Oak Lawn IL are welcome to give us a call. We would be glad to examine your dryer problems and determine the most affordable solution for you. If it works with your budget, we will pick up what you need for dryer parts in Oak Lawn IL and come back to replace the defective parts.

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Dryers typically have two or four drum rollers -- two supporting at the back and sometimes two more at the front. These rollers need to always be loose and spinning with ease to efficiently work. You can test for roller wear by taking off the dryer belt and manually moving the dryer drum around. If it shifts hen you are good, but if it's more fixed in place you should examine the rollers more for wear. Unfortunately, any wear to any of the rollers will mean all of them need replaced.


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